Nuaulu Handcrafts

Nuaulu handcrafts include various kinds of baskets, headdresses, and other items. They are made from rattan and bamboo. They are quite decorative.

The baskets pictured here are called nui nikata. The are made from bambu and then colored with dye.

Pictured here are various kinds of baskets and combs. They are colored so they look beautiful.

This is a head dress called kahahite. It is made from the midrib of a sago palm frond and then decorated with various items.

This is a headdress called a senie. It is made from bamboo that is carved into sections like a comb and then decorated with various items.

Bags for male initiates are hanging in this photo. They are made from part of a sagu tree. They are decorated with various items.

Drums are made by the Nuaulu people from deer skin and wood. Drums are used for the kahuae dance.

This is a shield. It is made from wood and decorated with pieces of broken plate and painted.

This is a bow and arrows still used by the Nuaulu for hunting.